Day Drinking; Doesn't Get More American Than That

It’s barely 11am and Brent and I are about to crack open a beer. That’s acceptable on holidays, you know. Kind of like kegs and eggs on St. Patty’s day. On 4th of July, it’s beers and more beers, no rhyme needed. In fact, we're kind of late to the party here; 11am and I'm on drink #1? Don't mind me while I line up some shots...

On the agenda today besides beers? Watermelon, pasta salad and hot dogs. All the American staples. Other than that, we’ll see where the alcohol day takes us. I know what I won’t be doing, though.

I won’t be holding the bean w/ my sisters and hitting up Taste of Chicago. 

We won’t be heading to a Cubs game and then a bar in Wrigleyville to put Adam Richman’s Man vs. Food challenge to the test (which I massacred, beeteedub).

I won’t have to witness my BB bite into a raw meat skewer b/c someone left the raw meat on the same table as the ready to eat food. As much as I wanted to ream that person out, all I could do was laugh hysterically at Brent, I’m mature like that. And clearly the person you want beside you when a crisis like that occurs. I know just what to do.

Alcohol kills germs, am I right or am I right.

Whatever plans your 4th brings, I hope it’s a blast.

Don't you just love firework humor?