Polish Pigs and Mini Cheesecakes

My grandma used to make stuffed cabbage rolls when we visited her on Sundays. The Polish term is gwumpki (I had no idea how this was spelled so I literally put that into Google, and surprisingly enough it’s spelled exactly as it sounds; funny how that works), but we always called them pigs in a blanket, or pigs for short. My childhood was filled w/ pierogie and pigs and I didn’t hate it.

In the past few years, my sisters and I started making them for Christmas. They’re kind of a lot of work (and gave us even more admiration for our Gram), but they are sooooooo worth it. So when I found this modified casserole version, I knew I had to try it. It was still a little time consuming - chopping a whole head of cabbage and taking almost an hour to bake – but it was definitely a throwback to my childhood. This is probably more of a winter food, w/ it’s layers of meaty goodness, but my appetite doesn’t bend to the whims of these silly social rules (ice cream is just as good in January as it is in July, am I right) so I decided to whip this bad larry up mid-July.

For dessert I wanted to make something w/ fruit, since I’ve been stocking up on berries like they’re going out of style. Brent loves himself some cheesecake and I love anything mini, so I opted for these mini fruit-topped cheesecakes.

I modified the recipe a bit; I skipped the Greek yogurt, flour, and used one egg instead of two egg whites (basically my stingy ass didn’t want to give up any of my yogurt for the week). I only got 9 cakes from this, so next time I’ll probably double the cream cheese so I can make more. They were so good! And cute to boot. 

In true Brig fashion, we ate them before dinner; nothing like dessert to whet your appetite.


Stephanie said…
Ugh come feed me!! I never take the time to make things like this...

Not when taco bell exists.
Brigid said…
TB totally won tonight. You know anything I whip up has nothing on a bell grande and some fiesta potatoes.
Sarah said…
Pierogi and Pigs to live!!

You are becoming quite the little adventurer in the kitchen. Brendan doesn't bake much. He said that you and he should get together, and he can help you with meals and you can help him with desserts. I guess in this scenario, Brent and I are fannying on the couch waiting to be fed.
Brigid said…
Sarah, I'm cracking up envisioning that! Except that I'm probably saying how much I enjoying being in the kitchen, while trying to get Brendan to do all the work ; )