Summer Eats

The humidity finally broke, folks. It’s currently pouring out, and I don’t hate it. Anything to get the mugginess up outta here. Am I the only girl whose appetite isn’t affected by summer? People are all, I eat so much less in the summer, all I want is fruit and salad, and I’m all cool, guess I can have your fries, and probably your burger since it’s covered in cheese instead of salad.

Things the summer does put a damper on: blogging. Staring at your computer screen when it’s 8pm and light out, when the Bud Light Limes are practically begging to be drank. The heat does funny things to my brain; I don't think I've had inspiration for a post in weeks. Instead, here’s a little photo dump of all the food I’ve been enjoying. 

From our Independence Day celebration. The picture of perfection, I know. 

 Of course, Binx, help yourself. 

The fixins' for some bangin' guac. 

Stuffed pepper success! Except for Brent, who doesn't like ground turkey. Or peppers. 

I think the rain's quieted down out there. No better time to venture out for some lunch. 


Stephanie said…
Binx is awesome, of course he can help himself. He's much nicer about it than Hawkeye, she grabs it and bolts long before I could get a photo.
Stuffed peppers seem hard. I always want to do it, and then I just eat the ingredients without actually doing the stuffing process.
Sarah said…
Looks yummy!!

From Brendan: Did you make your own whip cream? And ground turkey will taste more like beef if you add a few "rings around with the bottle" into the meat.
Sarah said…
oops, worcester sauce is what you should shake into the ground turkey.

More from Brendan: The dicing looks good on your onions and cilantro. Did you put lime in the guacamole? In his words "it's not guac without lime." He also puts roasted poblano in his guacamole. And he recommends adding Montreal Steak seasoning with the worcester sauce in the ground turkey to mask the fact that it's turkey instead of beef. (note from Sarah: I love Brendan's turkey burgers.)
Brigid said…
@Steph: Princess Hawkeye don't have time for all that, obvi.

Stuffing the peppers isn't that bad, it's more cutting and de-seeding them that I don't like. Eating the stuffing mix sans pepper is actually genius.

@Sarah: I'm so excited Brendan's impressed! I put lime juice in my guac, but no actual lime. How much does he use? Will the worcester sauce fool someone into thinking it's beef? I was just trying to be healthier, but Brent's not hearing it. As for the whipped cream, reddi-whip all the way. I don't have the fancy tools to make my own cream....yet.
Sarah said…
Brendan says he usually eyeballs the lime juice, but if he had to guess, he would think it was about an ounce. He asked what kind of lime juice you use? The worcester sauce should help mask the taste, especially with seasoning. Next time don't tell Brent and see what happens. And for whipped cream you only really need a mixer.