Flower Power

Okay, so I know it's not exactly copacetic to post on how much I want to lose weight and how I'm really serious this time and blah blah blah and then post about buttercream frosting. But I promise, I'm not posting on how good that shit is. How I could eat gobs of it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And then more for dessert.

Anywho...it was Christmas in October a few nights ago around here when my Williams-Sonoma order arrived. Flour sifter. Cupcake corer. And ...duh duh duh... a pastry kit.

I watched a bunch of YouTube tutorials on how to pipe roses and realized that my basic pastry kit didn't include a flower nail (nice oversight, WS). A small detail that was solved tonight after a 45 minute register check at AC Moore (those place mats were advertised as a buck and I'm not paying one cent more, ya hear me?) Besides the falsely advertised place mats, a flower nail did make it home w/ me tonight. And I was off.

I'm not even gonna fake modesty here; I was pretty freaking stoked this was my first attempt at a rose. So what all the rest were falling over, the icing was too soft, duh. And I didn't even eat all of it. Winner winner, buttercream frosting for dinner.


Those roses look amazing! And you forgot to add that not only was it a 45 minute price check, but 1. The first woman who did the price check didn't even check the price and 2. We needed about four employees to help us w said endeavor
Brigid said…
They were quite breathtaking, right? So the 45 minute price check...totally worth it.
Sarah said…
That's really impressive! They are beautiful, but not as beautiful as the tigers at the Burnet Park Zoo.

I thought of you as I made a pie yesterday for B's birthday. I bought the crust but I melted chocolate and mixed the filling and had to bake and top it. I am considering that my "step out of my comfort zone" for the weekend. :)
Brigid said…
Thanks, sista! what kind of pie did you make your boo?