Easy Easter Fun

Does anyone else get totally flipping excited when you try a new recipe and it comes out just like the recipe intended? I sure do; partly b/c it happens so rarely, and partly b/c I take any reason I can to enjoy a celebratory bottle glass of Moscato. 

Seriously though, what’s the deal w/ finding a recipe online claiming that it’s “quick and easy” and ten ingredients and three kitchen tools I don’t have later I’m popping in a Hot Pocket. Don’t nobody got time for that. 

So you can imagine my excitement after I whip up these babies and they come out looking almost exactly like the picture featured in the recipe. Hot damn. 

B was a good sport about me calling him over after I scooped every one; “Come look at this one, it’s so cute!” “You gotta see this one, it’s so freaking cute!” “OMG check out how perfect this one is.” Luckily, he was appeased by the chocolate eggs I kept tossing in his mouth.