Making Me Blush

Yesterday I was at brunch w/ B and my sister. I mentioned something about how excited I was about dinner b/c it was a new recipe and the crock-pot was already simmering (yup, I was talking about how excited I was to eat dinner while I was currently eating lunch; what else is new). B was surprised that I had the crock-pot going already since we hustled out of the house in our hurry to pick up my sister, who was stranded at a bus stop (the Sunday bus routes aren’t what they used to be). 

I guess it reminded B how much we eat and how little Binx does.

B: Shit, we forgot to feed Binx.

Me: No, he’s fine, I fed him.

B: What? When?

Me: After I got the crock-pot ready. He was meow-ing it up.

B (looks at me in wonder): How is it that even after a night like last night (sidenote: all you need to know about Saturday night is that I thought it would be a good idea to make vodka red bulls my drink of choice; when is that ever a good idea) you remembered to get dinner going, feed our cat, and make it out the door looking totally presentable? I don’t think I’ve ever seen you hungover.

Beth (snorting): Let me tell you about the time –

Me: Aw, thanks babe!

I didn’t want to get into sharing war stories; there would be time for that later. I just wanted to relish B’s compliment; it was probably the nicest thing he’s ever said to me.


Stephanie said…
ugh I am the least productive person of all time after a night of drinking. I'm jealous of your skills.
Sarah said…
Too bad Brent will never get to hear Grammy's first hand perspective on all of your epic holiday/Sunday hangovers. :)
Brigid said…
@Stephanie: I'm surprised you haven't mastered it, what w/ your love for 2am Taco Bell trips. I think that's what cures me every time ; )

@Sarah: hahahaha, that's the exact story Beth was referring to!