What A Waste, Wednesday

Some days it’s inevitable that you wind up on your couch, face first in a bag of white chocolate chips. Because you’re out of milk chocolate white chocolate is practically good for you. 

It wasn’t supposed to be like this; it started out w/ such promise. It was the day my new bag was supposed to arrive via UPS. I know better than to get my hopes up (since brown has done absolutely nothing for me), but I got a little ahead of myself when I saw the estimated delivery day for today. I couldn’t stop clicking the “track your package” link in my email. It was on the truck and out for delivery this morning. And then I saw it; the dreaded “First attempt made.” Le sigh. It was more than just a bag; it was a treat to get myself to out of this mid-winter slump I’ve been in for the past month. 

I even tried to deslump myself last night. I came home armed w/ a list of songs I wanted to download and add to my iPod. How is it that I’ve made it this far w/out having Blink 182’s “Feeling This” in my library? Turns out I have; I just haven’t ever added it to my gym mix. I spent a good hour or two last night downloading music and playing baby DJ. Baby DJ is this fun game B and I have; I play a song on my iTunes and when it ends, I play another. We’re innovative like that (Don’t ask me where the name baby DJ came from, but it’s nothing sexual if that’s what you’re thinking. Pervs). 

My gym mix was raring to go today. I mean, I would assume it was; it is a gym mix after all. I wouldn’t know b/c it was on my iPod which was on my nightstand which was miles away from my ears, which were at the silent gym (Silent b/c I didn’t have my iPod, not because it was actually silent. Actually, a silent gym would be preferable to the house music they blast; I’m looking to get in shape, not for some E). 

And now I’m scrolling through the channels and finding out there’s no new Modern Family tonight. Wait, no new Nashville, either? Really ABC? Whoever okayed that decision ought to be out on the street. Right next to the writer from Lost who okayed the Smoke Monster.