Good Friday Musings

I haven’t had Good Friday off since college (which was always a mystery, seeing as it was a state school. Even in Catholic school, Good Friday was a day on; can't forget going to the afternoon service and kissing the crucifix. Nothing like spreading germs in the thick of flu season). Who knew the stock exchange celebrated such things?

I’m sitting on the couch next to Binxy and listening to the Jesus Christ Superstar soundtrack, trying to decide if this is the original cast. These internet downloads iTunes aren’t always what they promise. I’m not a total theater geek but there are a few musicals I adore. My mom loves Phantom, so that music always reminds me of my childhood. Same thing w/ Superstar, since one of my sisters went through a slightly obsessed phase and it was the soundtrack to my life for most of junior high. And then there’s Rent. With its parallels to Superstar, how could I not like it? 

I’ve got some spinach lasagna going in the slow-cooker which I’m pretty excited about. I’ve been good about no meat on Fridays, but I have to admit I’ve been snacking on Goldfish all day. And if I see another Taco Bell commercial for their Cooler Ranch Dorito taco I’m going to have to head to 7-11 and stock up (on Doritos, not tacos). 

B said there’s the chance he’ll get out early, but I’m not holding my breath. It sure would be nice to have someone to day drink with. Especially when it's so nice out. I went to the supermarket this morning in my boots and coat and was fine; I was out there ten minutes ago and nearly overheating in the same ensemble. Not that I need someone to day drink with; as Destiny’s Child would say, I’m an independent woman. It’s just a little nicer when there’s someone sipping that sizzurp with you at 2 in the afternoon. 

I should probably stay sober for a little bit longer, seeing as how I’m contemplating heading to Good Friday services. Don’t worry, I’m not getting all preachy or pious; I’m just hoping to smooth things over after my Lenten sacrifice went out the window the day after Ash Wednesday. I’m not very good at depriving myself. 

Okay, I think I’m getting a little too into these Superstar renditions; Binx just jumped off the couch to snooze on the other side of the room in peace. Or maybe he just wanted to get some sunlight; he's a tanorexic, that one.