BIG News (that you probably don't care about)

Guess who just filed her 2012 taxes? 

Me, me! 

Guess who just got scolded by Turbo Tax a zillion times for entering incorrect fields?

Me, me! 

Guess who just got a cool 5g’s added to her bank account? 


Well, two outta three ain’t bad. My refund wasn’t as big as I’d hoped, but I’ll take what I can get. Especially w/out owing money back, which is what always seems to happen (don’t even get me started on that damn AmeriCorps award…) 

This refund is just what I needed to rationalize the GINORMOUS dip in my bank account a few weeks ago. Remember this post? 

Guess all my ranting was a little premature. I managed to find a pair of tickets in my budget AND without an obstructed view; imagine that! 

Me after I bought the tickets; it was a pretty productive day at work to say the least.

“In my budget” is a lose term; seeing as how I’ve been involved w/ JT since I was about 12 years old, there was no amount I wasn’t willing to pony up for these tickets. You know, beyond a justifiable amount. I mean, I’m not exactly living the swank life (as I pour Cheetos directly into my mouth and sip $6 wine; or am I?)


Stephanie said…
First of all, I care.
Second, I cannot wait to see photos from this concert. I better see some old school JT memorabilia.
And third, I owe $1,400. Seriously.
Brigid said…
Now I'm wondering if I should raid my parents house for my old school tee that had probably the most unflattering Justin pic blown up and printed on a t-shirt. I think we both know the answer to this...
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