Sans Suit and Tie

Guess where I’ll be August 10th? If you guessed Fenway Park at the Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z Legends of Summer Tour...

….guess again. 

Tickets officially go on sale tomorrow, but I’m not holding my breath. Seeing as I missed out on two pre-sale events. The first one my friend told me about; she has a Citi bank account and apparently Citi members got a pre-sale event a whole week early (where were you on that one, Bank of America?) By the time she bragged about ‘em on Facebook I was all “buy me a pair” and she was all “yeah! yeah!” and I was like “yeah! yeah!” and she was like “looks like the presale sold out” and I was like “balls.” 

So then I liked the concert on the ol’ FB to get a presale code to buy tickets a whole day early. A whole day that I was NOT getting the reminder I set on my phone (where were you on that one, iPhone?) So I get home today and I'm all “queue up my computer, I gotta get our tickets” and B was all “yeah! yeah!” and I was all “yeah! yeah!” and then I pull up ticketmaster to find that the presale event closed at 5pm. The fuck?!! 

So tomorrow tickets officially officially go on sale and I’m willing to pay top dollar, but I don’t think it will be a matter of cost. I probably won’t even be able to get on the site at work and by the time I do, it might be 10:01 and tickets will probably have been sold out for a whole 45 seconds already. I could cry just thinking about it. 

The thing that really grinds my gears about the whole thing is that these “fans” probably didn’t have the JT marionette. They weren’t choreographing the “It’s Gonna Be Me” routine for said marionette. And they certainly weren’t sleeping with that marionette on a twin bed made up w/ an *N Sync blanket and pillow set from Spencer gifts. Hmmmph. #bitter 

And it’s not even *N Sync who’ll be in Boston this summer; it’s JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE. The only guy who’s remained in “my five” since I started it in college. What I wouldn’t give to be Jessica Biel. 

 Lucky betch. 


Stephanie said…
I'm sending positive thoughts your way because I just have to see photos of you at this concert, in an NSync shirt please.
Anonymous said…
You forgot to mention that you had all those photos for "n'sync I'm your biggest fan" and the giant posters and ...the Justin love goes on and on!
Brigid said…
@Stephanie: Guess I owe you a HUUUUGE thank you b/c guess who got tickets? this teeny bopper right herrre.

@Beth: Fanatic didn't know what they were passing on