One Week Later

Just a little glimpse of what’s been going in in my neck of the woods. Except that most of these images are from Valentine’s Day, when I actually brushed my hair and used some bronzer. I know what them boys like. 

I also know what I like. And that is DIY s’mores at a fancy restaurant. 

When I saw this featured on Phantom Gourmet I knew I'd have to check it out, if only to have toasted marshmallows in the middle of winter. It was an off-the-menu request and caused quite a stir among the early-bird crowd. It also got Phantom Gourmet to follow me on Twitter. 

B surprised me w/ a heart-shaped lolly while waiting for the bus. It was perfect b/c I had just come from the dingiest bathroom in the city were the toilet paper was chained to the dispenser and there wasn’t even the pretense of soap. So candy on a stick was the perfect pick-me-up. 

I knew about my bomb gift (and I’m wearing them in the picture above!), but what I didn’t know about was the treat waiting for me at home. Wrapped in leftover Christmas paper b/c B knows that being cheap thriftiness is next to Godliness in this abode. It’s still a toss-up which gift was the best; the entire box of king-sized Nutrageous from our first Valentine’s day, or this cinematic gem.

"I just….ate a bug.” 

And then there was last weekend, where I got to see a bunch of my girlfriends from college and re-live the glory days; rolling out of bed at 11, doing the elliptical on level 2 for about 15 minutes or just long enough that you don’t feel guilty about that 2pm drink. It was a Bloody Mary, obviously; you gotta strive for five.

There was also a whole lot of this. 

More snuff to come.