I Love Picking Out My Own Gifts

This is what greeted me when I walked in the front door tonight. 

OhmyGod. This is it. He’s probably going to come out of the bedroom holding his guitar and playing a song he wrote just for me about how amazing I am. I’m going to need lots of pictures to document this. Why didn’t I wash my hair this morning? 

These were the thoughts running through my head. For about a split second. Until I realized B wasn't even around and the door to the bathroom was closed. So much for setting the mood. 

This was inside the bag. 

I gasped. My breath caught in my throat as I pondered how I would answer. 

Yes! (the lady) 

Of course! (the dutiful girlfriend) 

OMG yes yes yes yes yes!!!!! (the crazy cat lady who can’t believe a guy actually wants to put a ring on it) 

Alrighty. (Trey from Sex and the City

I took a mental snapshot of my left ring finger, bare for the last time. I opened the box. 

Let’s be real here. If B was proposing, I would have known about it. I sure as hell am having input in the rock I’ll be rocking for the rest of my life. I knew exactly what I was getting for Valentine's Day; I picked ‘em out myself a few weeks ago. Aren't they gorge? 

I’m an October girl. 

The best part was at the jewelry store when we were picking them up. The clerk mentioned how they went beautifully w/ my blue eyes. It was all I could do not to smirk in B’s face since he’s convinced I have green eyes. And says so every time someone comments on my baby blues. Sorry lover, wrong again. Is there anything sweeter than a knockout pair of earrings and being right?


Sarah said…
Those look lovely and would have been beautiful for you at Sabrina's wedding.

Your eyes are clearly blue. I should know from all the times you chased me with the make-up brush and cornered me until I did your eye make-up.
Yeewuz said…
Actual Post Title: I Love Picking Out My Own Gifts

Implied Post Title: I Love Picking Out My Own Gifts Because My Boyfriend Is Terrible At It
Brigid said…
@Sarah: damn right I do! It's practically our thing

@Brent: actually, you're on a Valentine's day gift hot streak. Nutragous? Overboard?! Can't wait to see how you top those