Thanks, Nemo

I'm currently lounging on the couch with Binx and Sex and the City reruns. My belly is full of Taco Bell and once that, er, digests, I'll be pounding some Bud Lights w/ my BB. Now I know how the other half lives. 

I also know what's on TV in the middle of the afternoon; zilch. I mean, if I was a dude. Poor B is holed up in the bedroom while I watch the Ladies Who Lunch marathon on E!

As long as we don't lose power, this should be a pretty stellar weekend. Snowed in w/ hot chocolate, hot pockets and cheap beer? This is what memories are made of.


Michele said…
Lol... or in my circle of friends, "it's what babies are made of!" Just saying... ;-)
Brigid said…
No Daniel Craig dreams here...not yet, anyway ; )