Car Wash Giggles

There’s something about getting my car washed that makes me more excited than a new episode of Girls (although the last two episodes were kind of sad, am I right? But I still love Hannah; even more so after seeing that we both have the same secret vice: putting our trash in garbage cans that aren’t ours. I used to bring my soured milk down to the train station dumpster on my way to work. But that’s a post for another time – but not really, b/c, ew).

Honestly, it’s not the car wash I love so much, but the vacuuming. But I wasn’t about to shell out $50+ for a detail job that I could do myself for a sock full of quarters. So I scrounged up all the ones I have lying around from my laundromat days and hit the gas station. They have vacuums, right? Turns out, they don’t. Or at least the two I tried before looking up “car wash” on my phone didn't. Their loss; I was prepared to drop at least two whole dollars in quarters. 

It’s been arctic and windy in Boston so I had the vacuums to myself. Not that it would have mattered b/c you pull up and have the whole side to yourself anyway, but it was just nice not to have to wait in line for something for once. I deposited my quarters and went to town on Ellie (my car). 

I only planned on vacuuming and skipping the actual car wash, considering she doesn’t look half bad compared to other cars, and she’s beautiful on the inside which is what matters, right? But I didn’t know how much longer I could go on looking out that filthy back windshield. So I ponied up $8 for the “Gold” package that included sealant wax and undercarriage protection (and then I giggled and giggled). Nothing like a spotless car and a double entendre to beat those winter blues. 

But seriously, is it flip-flop season yet?