Friday Night Lights - A Little Late on the Uptake

If there’s one thing I love about my BB (besides the fact that he looks the other way when I eat ice cream straight out of the carton), it’s his stellar taste in television. He’s gotten me hooked on some kick-ass shows. It’s Always Sunny; like, why was I not watching this? Mad Men; like, duh. So when he suggested we watch Friday Night Lights, as hesitant as I was (how good can the show be if it’s not on anymore?), I knew if he liked it, it was worth a watch.

We were watching the Emmy’s last fall, and after one of the categories he was all “booyah, Coach Taylor for the win!” and I was like, “what are you talking about?” and he was like “the guy who played Coach Taylor from Friday Night Lights.” I made a mental note to put the first season on hold since B had such good things to say about the show. Six months later, I got around to seeing what the hype was about.

After the first episode, I was like, meh. I didn’t want to give up on B’s usually good taste in TV, but I was ready to throw in the towel on this show (after one episode; it’s a good thing I don’t work in television). He convinced me to give it another shot, and in the time it took to watch another episode, I was hooked!

The first season was 22 episodes. If you like to waste away hours of your life watch hour-long dramas on DVD, you know what I’m talking about; it’s quite an undertaking. Yeah, with commercials cut out, it’s really only like 42 minutes or so, but still. You have to be committed. Man, was I committed. We raced through that first season and are on to season two.

If you didn’t watch this show when it was on, go stream it RIGHT NOW. It’s seriously so good. The characters are all amazing (love love LOVE Tami Taylor). The storylines are relevant and exciting (yeah, some are totally unbelievable, but that’s television). If you’re still not convinced, I have two words for you: Tim Riggins.

belieeeeve me, this pic doesn't do him justice
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When I saw him in the first few episodes, I didn’t think anything of him. His hair was always in his face and he conveyed a small-town-southern-hick stereotype I wasn’t into. Now I realize that was just one of the many sides of Tim Riggins. While he can be grimey and rednecky, that’s not his MO. And just wait until he loses his shirt in the locker room (the actor who plays him is like, 30, so ain’t no shame in drooling).

I told B that I want to start saying “y’all.” When they say it on the show, it’s so darn cute. I tried it out a few times around the house, wanting it to sound genuine. Sometimes I pretend to slip my fabricated Boston accent into real life. I hope I don’t try to sneak “y’all” and “wicked hahd” in the same convo; that might get confusing.

I also told B that when we get a cat, we’ll name him TimRiggins. It will be one word; if you say it fast enough, it almost sounds like any other wacky animal name. Can't wait til we get that cat so I can get my cuddle on w/ TimRiggins.


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