How Can I Not Help You Today?

Happy Administrative Professionals week to all my admin peeps out there! (the candy store down the street from my office has been advertising this for days) I have a calendar at my desk and I’m all about checking it daily to see what kind of corporate-induced fun gimmick the day celebrates. A few weeks ago was National Grilled Cheese day. Bam. Dinner that night was a no-brainer.

Today my calendar says Administrative Professionals day, which I remembered from last year. My company got all the admins two boxes of cookies. Mine lasted about three days (in my defense, it was only one box b/c I gave a box to B to put out for the folks in his office). Yesterday my supervisor stopped by to give me my present b/c she’s out today. It took all the willpower I had to not open it then. I arrived at work today and barely even turned on my computer before I tore into it.

how did I already smudge it?!

A personalized post-it holder! How fab! You might think I’m being sarcastic, but I’m absolutely not. I’m a bit of an organizational fanatic. I already cleared off the perfect spot on my desk for this little gem. It’s silver-plated so it works as a mini-mirror. Keeping track of my post-its and ensuring I don’t have food in my teeth when FedEx arrives? Score!