What's Good, Friday?

Growing up Catholic, Good Friday was a given day off at school. Even in college, at my non-Catholic university, we always had Good Friday off (they gave us the Friday before Easter off under the pretense of a “spring recess,” so no one got their panties in a wad about a state school honoring a Catholic holiday). It’s been a few years now since I’ve had it off, so it’s just another Friday where I try to avoid eating meat (why is it still so hard to remember, even in the home stretch?!)

Sure, I “gave up” something for Lent (or tried to, anyway) and still go to Church; old habits die hard. I don’t want to come off preachy or pretentious today, but I felt my original blog idea (Kim K dating Kanye? I can’t wait to watch this train wreck unfold) seemed a little…shallow. So I compiled a list about what’s good in my life for this Good Friday! (less trite? doubtful. but I felt that writing about one of the biggest fame-whores in our culture on the day Jesus was nailed to the cross was in poor taste)

So....here you have it:

-Beth comes home tonight! She’s been traveling for work and I’m excited she’ll be home for the next week or so. This homecoming coincides nicely w/ her birthday -which is next week- and will obviously involve heavy alcohol consumption and owning more than a few dance floors.

-I’ll be able to eat sweets again soon! I plan on hitting up every drug store on Sunday on the way home from B’s parents’ house and stocking up on their discounted Easter candy. I can already taste the Cadbury and Reese’s eggs.

i love this commercial! it's the same from when i was a kid. the camel in the bunny-ears gets me every time.

-My training schedule for Broad Street is coming along nicely. My 8-mile run last weekend was surprisingly cathartic and in my shorter runs interspersed throughout the week I’m able to maintain my pace.

-Administrative Professionals Day is in a few weeks. Last year I got two boxes of gourmet cookies. Om nom nom.

-Patriot’s Day Red Sox Home Opener is just over a week away! Okay, it’s not technically their home opener, which is the Friday before, but it’s the same series of games. It’s also the Boston Marathon. Whatever you’re celebrating (the Sox, the runners, or the battles of Lexington and Concord –okay, no one is celebrating that), Patriot’s Day/Marathon Monday/Red Sox home opener is the perfect excuse to grab a beer, line up on Comm. Ave. and get rowdy.

-It’s hella quiet in the office today. A lot of people took it off, which means I’ll be able to listen to my music w/out headphones. It really is the little things in life.