My Last Long Run Before Broad Street

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I recently signed up for a half-marathon – wahoo! (you also know that I’m shameless when it comes to scavenging my office for food; if you don’t follow me, you’re clearly better off missing out)

The half-marathon, which will be my first, is Memorial Day weekend, so it gives me a few more weeks to up my mileage. I was debating whether or not to do such a big run so soon after Broad Street, but I really couldn’t pass up the chance. I reasoned that if I didn’t do this one, I’d either be running one in the dead of summer (no bueno) or have to wait until the fall for the weather to cool down (and patience is NOT my strong suit).

I did an 11-mile run this past Saturday and I kicked some major booty. The course, which I threw together after some trial-and-error on Map My Run, had some gentle inclines, a few steep hills (“steep” being a term relative to the individual runner) and plenty of busy streets – I find that the more passer-byers I see, the more motivated I am to maintain a good pace. I finished in one hour, 49 minutes; one minute shy of a ten-minute-mile (I can't do the math, but a 9:50-something mile? I'll take it!)  

I can’t believe the ten-miler is next weekend…after months of training, it’s practically here! In a few days, I’ll be on a bus to Philly (the only part I’m not looking forward to) to see my sister and run Broad Street. We were chatting about it the other day and I mentioned that Saturday is Cinco de Mayo. Nothing fuels you for a race better than guacamole and margaritas, sí?

Sarah (my fave running buddy) and me before the Shamrock Run in 2010


Michele said…
HOLY CRAP! I forgot Cinco de Mayo is the day before. We should get sloshed before the race... What better way to run 10 miles than hungover! ;)

Cant wait to see you!