You Know That Fine Line Between Friendly and Creepy? I Don't.

I was headed towards the elevator up to my gym for a lunchtime Zumba sesh when I saw the instructor hop on.

Have I mentioned that I’m incredibly awkward? I will go to great lengths to avoid contact w/ anyone. My commute is for reading. The gym is for sweating. I hate the awkward mishap when you see an acquaintance/colleague/overly zealous tourist who doesn’t get your attempts at avoiding eye contact (just kidding. I always try to help tourists. Except when they want to chat about the attraction they just came from. Then it’s time to switch seats).

In this instance, I could have waited for the next elevator, but I was already running late, so I hopped in and hoped the ride would go quickly. Sidestepping the small talk isn’t normally an issue for me, but for some reason I felt like I had to say something after we recognized each other and gave the obligatory “Hi, how ya doing?” I wouldn't say she intimidates me; I just really want her to like me. She’s totally gorge and has this natural poise about everything she does – and she’s always wearing the cutest active wear and I was hoping her gym style would rub off on my by proximity.

I figured the best thing to say was something about how much I enjoyed her class; everyone likes a compliment, right? In a flash of brilliance I say, “Your class is the only thing that makes Mondays not totally suck.” Hmm…that sounded a little nicer in my mind. I try to make it sound less like a backhanded compliment; “No, seriously.” And then, b/c I can’t stand awkward silences, the words tumble out before I can stop them: “I like the way you move.” W.T.F. Who says that?! I was going for breezy and ended up sounding like a total creeper.  

She smiles at me like the gracious girl she is and lets me off the elevator ahead of her. She probably wanted to keep me in sight so I didn’t try to swipe a strand of her hair or anything. She’s a professional, so it’s not like class was awkward or anything. In fact, the more I think about it, the more confident I am that it wasn’t that weird.

Except…it was.


Ellen's Cakes said…
Hehe this is the kind of thing that I would end up saying! I just don't like to have to make small talk when I have no clue what to say; clearly was her fault for putting you in that situation :P :)
brigidmc12 said…
Small talk is the worst! Next time I will wait for another elevator...I think it will be better for everyone = )