Spring Cleaning and Such

Call me a weirdo, but I actually like to clean. I keep my bedroom spic n’ span and I can’t stand clutter. The shitty end of this stick is living with roommates who aren’t type A as tidy, so I’m always the one to clean the apartment b/c it’s worth it to not live in filth. Since I’m moving soon, I’ve pretty much abandoned the cause to keep my apartment spotless and focus on making sure B’s house is up to my standards. We had some downtime this weekend, so I was overly excited up for some spring cleaning. 

Straightening up the house was enough to put me in a good mood on Saturday (like I said, I’m weird), but by Sunday I was ready for another favorite spring activity: shopping! I have waaaay too many clothes, but always wear the same items over and over, so I don’t need anything at the moment but come on; spring sales +tax refund = shopping spree. And by shopping spree I mean going to some secondhand shops b/c my tax refund wasn’t that big and I actually have some things I need to take care of w/ it before I splurge on a new wardrobe. 

Buffalo Exchange seemed a good place to start. It’s a secondhand store that buys their items from customers and sells them at a cheaper price. The one in my neighborhood, which is hipster enough already, is right near a university, so they get really cute items from all the rich students. I sorta have mixed feelings for this place b/c they always try to act like they’re too good for my stuff when I bring it in to sell, and then I see something in there and I’m like, they bought this grandma-looking sweater but they turned down my H&M romper? Doubleyou-tee-eff. 

But when I put my pride aside, I have been able to find some cute stuff. Like this wallet.

Doesn’t this pic look totally profesh? I just put the wallet against my white bookshelf and ta-da! 

And this little cardigan/cover-up. I love wearing this over a black tee when I’m headed to happy hour after work. It has that office-to-bar factor. 

In fact, I might wear it with the new dress I found today.

Does this scream spring, or what? 

I’ll probably wear this dress for Easter next week. It’s definitely church appropriate and nice enough for hanging w/ B’s family. 

Next, I headed to Goodwill, which is right near Buffalo Exchange. I didn’t feel like trying anything on, so I checked out the DVD rack, because you never know what you might find. And my weekend went from great to aMAZing b/c in between Swimfan and Bad Boys 2 was this! 

I want to grow old w/ Robbie Hart. 


Yeewuz said…
Wow what a haul!