More Delusional Thoughts of Mine

B and I took yesterday off to do a stumbling bar crawl of Fenway cheer on the Boston Marathoners. Over a few too many beers, I may have made the foolish ambitious declaration that next year I would be one of those runners (we’ll see how that plays out).
Meanwhile, training for the 10-miler couldn’t be coming along any better. I’m starting to get worried about running jinxes, like a smooth training program means a terrible race day, or something equally awful. It’s this stellar training that has me actually thinking I could run Boston next year.
This morning at work I was browsing local races, inspired by the runners yesterday who got it done in record high temperatures (yesterday’s high was 87 degrees; perfect for running a cool 26.2 miles). I was pretty psyched when I found an upcoming half marathon through Boston. It’s called the Run to Remember and honors the fallen heroes of our local police department. The course looks awesome and the price is right in my budget. The only thing stopping me from registering is that it’s May 27th, which is three weeks after the Broad Street Run.
Of course I’m worried that I won’t be able to train for those extra 3 miles in time, but I’m more worried about injury. I don’t want to push too hard, get hurt and be out of commission for a while. As of today, I feel confident and strong in my training. My 9-mile run this weekend couldn’t have gone any better (except if I had been wearing shorts; where did this heat wave come from?) If I had to do a half-marathon this weekend, I could most likely do it. I might hate the last couple of miles, but I’m sure I would finish. And therein lies the problem. A half-marathon is such an amazing accomplishment; I don’t want the experience to suck. I don’t want to be stumbling the last few miles wondering, where the hell is the finish line?!
I’m trying to recruit my sister, who’s also running Broad Street w/ me (and if you’re reading this Sarah, I’m shamelessly begging you to reconsider!!) I’m on the fence, halfway between knowing I could kill those 13.1 miles, and fearing that they might kill me. But it would be good training for Boston next year, right? (feel free to have a laugh at my deluded expense)


Yeewuz said…
It sounds to me like 3 weeks is the perfect amount of time to tack on 3 extra miles. You've already accomplished a 9 mile run and you have more than a month until that half-marathon. Your training has involved adding a mile every week so that puts you comfortably on track for 13. You can do it!
Michele said…
I'm in Plymouth Mass that weekend for a Confirmation and, if it were later in the day, I'd totally do the half with you! :) I'm prepping for my first marathoni n the fall and, while it is a lot of work, I'm loving it. Good luck! And I'd love to see you running Boston!
brigidmc12 said…
Thanks for the support!!

Michele - aw, that would be awesome to do it together! see you if can work on Sarah ; )
Sarah said…
Sorry that I think it would be too much to go to Boston that weekend!!

You can totally do the half. And you can do Boston, if you want to! Keep in mind you don't just "do" Boston, you have to qualify for it. If your training stays at the pace you are currently going, I think you should do that with no problem. Don't forget to taper down every few weeks!