A Breakthrough for My Shopping Addiction

Not gonna lie, I was pretty pumped for Cyber Monday. A few of my facebook peeps even posted coupon codes yesterday, and I was practically salivating at the thought of scoring 50% off at Loft. I’m on Loft’s website today and there it is, front and center: use code “MONDAY” to take an additional 40% of your entire purchase. Wait, what happened to half off? Syber Sunday: 1. Brigid: 0.

And so it began. The endless scrolling to find stuff that wasn’t just like every other item in my closet. In petite, no less (when you’re 5’2, there’s only so much cuffing your jeans can take). Add to that the fact that every woman in America seems to know about this deal and is shopping for the same merch; I was ready to stab myself w/ a letter opener if the page loaded any slower.

I browsed through all the emails in my inbox, considering a free pair of slippers w/ a pajama purchase from Victoria’s Secret, 25% off clearance items at City Sports, free shipping on orders from Target ($75 or more, of course). I had no less than nine tabs open, a shopping bag with at least one item from each retailer, when I stopped for a second and realized that I didn’t even like the PJ pattern I had picked out for myself. I thought about how hard it is to close my already overstuffed pajama drawer and how B would probably strangle me if I tried to cram in just ONE MORE PAIR.

Just last night B had mentioned some fantastic TV deals and I had climbed up on my soapbox to preach how we don’t need a new TV when I can’t even run the kitchen sink w/out some kind of drainage disaster. Merry Christmas, babe; isn't a dishwasher what you always asked Santa for?

I closed all the retail tabs and opened up Yelp to try and find a local plumber that wouldn’t rob us blind. Then I opened the latest email in my inbox; Cyber Monday deals on flat screens. As much as I like to give B a hard time, a new television would do wonders for my already fierce TV addiction.