Music for Monday

Well, that’s kind of misleading, I suppose. I’m not here to provide you w/ any music for your Monday. Just to talk about some musical related things that have been going on around these parts. 
Last night B and I went to see Ben Gibbard perform. He’s the lead singer of Death Cab for Cutie and former Mr. Zooey Deschanel. I don’t know what I was expecting; actually, yes I do. I was expecting a small, quiet, shaggy-haired eccentric. Instead Ben was well-spoken, very funny, and -dare I say- hot? Yes, I dare it. It wasn’t just the guitar playing and the piano skills and the voice and the anecdotes; or maybe it was, I don’t care. Whatever the reason, Ben was looking mighty fine up on stage. We had pretty much the best seats I’ve ever had to a concert, so I was able to swoon up close and personal. Unfortunately, my phone didn’t agree.

Aerosmith is doing a free show on Comm Ave today. The band not only got their start in Boston, but they used to live in an apartment on that side of town and practice in the basement. Neat, huh? What’s not so neat are the thousands of people shutting down one leg of the green line and making it absolutely miserable for anyone who lives over there. I’ve never wanted to live in Allston, so stories like this just make me laugh. Suckers.

Mumford and Sons just announced some east coast tour dates and Boston made the cut. Super psyched for this. Love me some banjo playing Brits. I hope prices aren’t way inflated and I can afford to treat B to a ticket. They’re playing in February, so it would make a bomb Valentine’s gift. 

Hear that B? If I can’t afford tickets, this sure would be a great Valentine’s gift, hint hint, wink wink.