Wardrobe Malfunction

I can’t be trusted to make wardrobe decisions at 7 in the morning. As evidenced by the fact that I am severely underdressed today. Not for the office; I always look that part (if unkempt hair and fingerless gloves are that part). 

I’m talking about being undressed for the elements. I don’t know where this rain and temperature drop came from, but it was NOT on my weather alert this morning. If it had been, do you think I would have venutred out in a (nearly) sleeveless dress, singing the praises of a last hurrah for summer dresses sans tights? 

Maybe in November it’s never okay to wear the last remnants from your summer wardrobe. I try and cling to these things desperately; just yesterday I was going to wear flip flops while running errands until the nagging thought that I am always cold made me kick them off in the final seconds before I left.

The infuriating thing about today’s faux pas is that I’m anal about checking the weather to make sure I’m prepared for whatever the midday throws at me. 80% chance of rain at 1pm? I’ll be headed to lunch w/ my trusty umbrella, while everyone else is darting from awning to awning b/c they took the 7am sunshine at face value.

I guess I had this coming to me. Too many times did I gloat about wearing my wellies on the morning commute w/ the sun shining, only to be vindicated at 5pm when the skies opened up. Too many times was I snuggled warmly in my winter coat while others ran by in flimsy fleeces. Mother Nature is worse than karma.

I just might have to take up my coworkers' offer; that spare box of panythose is looking real good right now. Grandma’s need warmth, too.


Stephanie said…
Oh man. Been there done that. This time of year I'm especially bad at giving up the flip flops and light coats.
But don't you put those tights on!
Brigid said…
If Old Navy flip-flops had any sort of traction on them, I would probably wear them year round.