First Snow and Facebook

We got our first snow of the season today. It was pretty magical. Until I remembered that I kinda hate everything about snow. Shoveling it. Unburying my car out from under it. Brushing it off before I can speed off at 20mph b/c no one knows how to drive in it. I’m exhausted just thinking about it. 

But then I remembered that we don’t have to shovel. That’s what condo association fees are for. And there won’t be any brushing or unburying; that’s what garages are for. I might actually enjoy myself this winter. 

I can’t change the fact that people drive a little erratically in the snow. Some people act like a bomb in their car will detonate if they go over 30 miles an hour. Teenagers Some people act like they’re too cool to notice the snow and drive as reckless as ever. However you drive, it’s practically winter law that you update Facebook about it. 

Why does everyone forget how to drive in the snow? 

Am I the ONLY person who isn’t scared of a little snow on the ground?

Just caused a major pile-up b/c I refuse to drive slowly in inclement weather #leadfootbaby

How obnoxious is that last status? Don’t they know that hashtags don’t work on Facebook? 

I have to admit that while it never used to bother me, I’ve become one of those people who HATE driving in the snow. Even more than I hate picking up a package of Oreos and then realizing that I bought the reduced fat on accident. 

Hopefully it’s just a flurry and all wrapped up by tomorrow. I don’t even know where my winter jacket is. But I’ve got three pairs of new boots ready to go. My feet like to be prepared for anything.  


Stephanie said…
hahaha oh man. #leadfootbaby. i just about died. So damn true about facebook, it makes me crazy!
Brigid said…
Those damn updates almost make me want to kick the FB habit for good. Almost.
SHF said…
We've gotten SO much snow here and so many Facebook posts about it too. It makes me wish I could filter out any statuses that mention snow or driving!

Brigid said…
A facebook status filter? Brilliant! You need to bring that to Zuckerberg's attention immediately.

Thanks for stopping by = )