Doesn't That Sound Fun?

I was playing a little game on my commute this morning, unbeknownst to the other passengers. The gist: trying to guess in my head who they’re voting for. I was peeking over the top of my book, sizing up my fellow train riders, and basing who they’ll be casting their ballot for off broad generalizations and stereotypes. Fun, right?

The man who offered his seat to the mom w/ the stroller clearly respects women; he’ll be voting for Obama.

The young man who was listening to old Eminem tracks clearly hates women; he’ll be voting for Romney.

The woman who was reading “Going Rogue” (really?) clearly still thinks it’s 2008 and Sarah Palin is relevant; your guess is as good as mine who that wild card will vote for.

I generally don’t discuss politics on here, or in my real life, mostly due to the fact that I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about.

It doesn’t matter so much who you vote for; it matters that you actually vote. Especially if you’re a woman (which I assume the 3 people that read this blog are, besides Brent). Susan B. Anthony? Women’s suffrage? Ringing any bells? 

It’s not cool to be apathetic; this isn’t high school. It’s real life, where it’s cool to care about something. To rally for a cause. To stand up for what you believe in.

So get out there and vote today. Then reward yourself w/ a post-poll cocktail or two. That’s what the real cool kids do.


Michele said…
Funny, if I were choosing who your first two would vote for based on giving up a chair and music, I would have reversed those! chair sharer-Romney, music-Obama...
Stephy Marie said…
Cheers to you! I voted.
I'm on my way downstairs to open a bottle of wine... :)
Brigid said…
@Michele: No way, woman!

@Steph: Woo hoo! Enjoy, mama!