Twihaters Gon' Hate

The number one movie in the world right now is the latest Twilight trainwreck. That leaves me feeling pretty depressed about the state of the world right now. Fortunately, this latest film is the final one. Can I get an Amen

I can’t believe these movies have garnered interest for 4+ years. What's more impressive is that Kristen Stewart hasn't shown an inkling of human expression over that time. Her "holy shit, vampires are real" expression is the same one when she's all "quit it Jake, we're just friends."

Edward Cullen himself Robert Pattinson doesn’t even like them. 

In fact, he probably hates them most of all. More than the Grinch hates all the Who’s down in Whoville (before he saves the day and brings back all their toys and Roast Beast). That’s a lot of hate. 

I never thought all that much of Robby, but something tells me he might actually be a pretty cool guy. That something is this: 

I guess I can overlook the blatantly terrible career choice. Hey, we’ve all been there. Said Owen Wilson from his trailer on the set of Marmaduke.