At Least I'm Running Again

Ugh. This girl is nauseously full. I went for a run after work and was totally in my groove and thinking to myself, "damn Brig, you better become a skinny bitch after all this" and then I got home and housed three servings of dinner (hash-brown-veggie-slow-cook-casserole, and for the record, it was banging), finished a package of Chips Ahoy, and whipped up a dozen pretzel Hugs M&M’s for myself B. And I may have just finished the remaining M&M’s and drank an enormous mug of hot chocolate piled high to the sky w/ marshmallows. 

Let’s pretend you didn’t just barf in your mouth a little bit and instead are intrigued by my running. Just like I planned.

I decided that since these winter doldrums aren’t going to shake themselves, I’ve got to chase them away myself. Hopefully by doing so, I can chase away some of the extra pounds they brought along. If not, at least I’ll feel better about myself. That’s the biggest thing I miss about running; the feeling you have when you’re gliding along with your measured breathing and powerful strides. For a few minutes today I put myself in that elite league w/ all the other runners out there, running on Comm Ave in the late afternoon flurries, jumping snow piles and puddles, breathing in the icy air. I don’t exactly love running in snow, but I’ll take it over the treadmill all day any day. 

I’ve got the willpower to get my ass out there in the falling snow and slick sidewalks, so why don’t I have the willpower to say no to that third second helping? I guess I feel like after such a great workout I deserve it. 

Oh, who am I kidding, I always think I deserve it. I could lounge around on the couch all day and feel justified eating a platter of nachos and downing a pitcher (or three). And I wonder why I don't have the elusive "runner's body." Although I'd have to grow at least five inches for that to happen. There's a better chance of me passing on Happy Hour than that happening.  


Malory said…
I can relate to literally everything in this post. I'm pretty sure I've gained 10 pounds from eating myself into a food coma every day in an attempt to shake off the winter blahs. I have absolutely no advice. I'm eating as I write this.
Brigid said…
hahahahah, you crack me up. I was dying at your comment. Nice to know I'm not the only one who suffers from this!
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