Grease Mops

What I’m about to write may cause some controversy on this here blog. Don’t worry, I won’t bore enlighten you w/ a political or religious post. But it’s important content; sometimes I just like to rip right into the real things in life. Ladies, I’m talking hair. 

I took a shower this morning. I even washed my hair. It’s been a few days since I indulged in such luxuries. It’s been – wait for it – nine days (since I washed my hair, not nine days since I showered; I'm not that gross). See the little date near the title of this post? May 21st? The last time I washed my hair was May 12th; Mother’s Day actually (I needed to be fresh for my botched icing debacle

So why am I disgusting telling you? No reason really (why do I write about any of the mundane things I do?) I guess I thought it was interesting; it used to be I couldn’t go a day w/out washing my hair before it looked like a grease trap. 

Let me clarify that I am not blessed w/ thick or curly hair that doesn’t need to be shampooed daily, that actually looks better on its third or fourth day. Nope, I’ve got the thin, fine hair that looks like BP spilled a massive amount of oil in it. My sisters and I used to (still do, actually) call out each other on our “grease mops” if we go more than a day or two sans shampoo. 

I’m in training. Not just for my half-marathon; for building my hair up so that I can skip the shampoo/conditioner sesh more often. Why? No reason in particular. Shampoo is expensive, I hate blow drying, I’d rather spend the extra twenty minutes sleeping/reading/NOT doing my hair; take your pick. Actually, there is a real reason: I’m lazy. And I’ve never been good w/ hair. I can spend twenty minutes blow drying it, only to have it fall flat later in the day and end up in a ponytail, or I can air-dry it, only to have it frizz up later in the day and end up in a ponytail. 

As I write this, I realize I should have taken some pics to prove that my hair wasn’t a total oil slick by the time I got around to washing it this morning (that’s what you get for not planning your blog posts). 

This was on Saturday; my sock bun was doing a bang up job masking the week old ‘do. 
Could it be any farther away? 

I’m not going to lie and tell you I had gorgeous flowing locks five days in; when do I ever have gorgeous flowing locks? But I could wear it up w/out a hat or headband to hide the grease tendrils. Since I prefer to wear my hair up, this was a win-win. 

There you go, ladies. Proof even us fine-haired gals can skip the shampoo (sometimes). I’ll probably stick to 2-3 times a week though. Even w/ baby powder and dry shampoo, week old hair has a little stench going on. Ain’t no masking that.


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I got a nice gm all lined up for today