Sorry In Advance

I've got nothing. First Second day back after a long weekend? Barf. I had such high hopes; blog about my family’s visit, including my second half-marathon (w/ a new PR to boot), post some pics, yada yada yada. And then yesterday happened and I lost all motivation. To give you some idea: yesterday started but my car did not; no key turning in the ignition, no sad sound of death, no nothing

So I sat down today w/ some actual motivation, which was almost immediately derailed by the giant bag of pretzel M&M’s my sisters left behind (which are right up there w/ peanut butter in terms of crazy addictiveness) and the fact that High School Musical is on. I’m not all at embarrassed to admit that I know more than a few of these songs (although I probably should be, seeing as I was in college when these came out).

Zac Efron is more than just good-looking wool but it’s hard to see how he got so famous after that ‘do he was sporting from ’06-’09. 

Thought I had some more words of wisdom for ya, but I’ve got to go sing along to “Stick to the Status Quo.” Looks like it’s even the limited commercial edition. Disney knows what’s up.