Rabbits and Rolling Pins

Tuesday again? Woof. What is it about the second third day of the week that just bites the big one? Maybe it’s the fact that you’re hardly any closer to the weekend and you don’t have your built-in “I’m miserable b/c it’s Monday but so is everyone else so it’s cool” excuse.

Since I don’t much feel like writing (blame it on the Tues) I’ve got some fun things in store; blurry iPhone pictures. Nothing perks up a day like low quality photos, am I right? 

The weather is finally turning spring-like, so Brent and I went for an evening stroll last week. I was in flops and capris and regretting it w/ every step; it’s not so spring-like at 8pm when the sun’s setting and the wind’s gusting. But then we spotted this little guy!

In case you can’t tell, it’s a rabbit. A rare sight in the bustling city of Medford Boston.

Another sign of spring is the fact that we’ve been opening our balcony slider. The first time we did it I panicked at the thought of Binx getting out onto the balcony and me having to coax him back in like some SVU scenario. Then Brent reminded me that we never have the screen open anyway.

He didn’t seem to mind the screen.

These two in bed together. I die.

I found a bomb looking pizza recipe to try last week. Everything was peachy until I took the dough out of the fridge and remembered that I don’t own a rolling pin. Damn. I need to add that to my home “must haves,” right next to hot rollers and a kiss the cook apron. Being the resourceful girl I am, I figured a quick fix to my dilemma. 

Who knew Jame-O was used for things other than car bombs? 

It didn't looks as pretty as it does here, but it was still better than the crap Pizza Hut's been sending our way. 

There. Now isn't your Tuesday looking a little better? (even if it's only b/c you killed the last five minutes of work and can now head to happy hour, I'll take it) 

ps: sorry if the title of this post is a bit misleading, as it doesn't actually feature any rolling pins


Stephanie said…
Look at them cuddling, like, bestest friends of all time.
Brigid said…
Todd and Copper right there!