Soggy and Shoddy

Today started out like any other Sunday; I set my alarm for 7am so I could get an early start on my 12 mile run, get about 4.5 miles in before the constant sprinkling turns into an all-out downpour, and I’m stranded at least a mile away from where I parked my car in my now nearly see-through top.

Geez louize, that sounds like someone’s (mine perhaps) version of hell. My sneakers are still soggy. The worst part? I didn’t get my 12 miles in. Not even half. Now on Tuesday I’ve gotta take off work early, go to Somerville, and finish this route (if you know the movie quote I’m modifying here, we NEED to be best friends) (if you're my sister you don't count b/c we already are best friends).

After such a shit morning, the day decided to take the stick out its ass and turn around quite nicely. We went up to New Hampshire to visit B’s fam and surprise his mom for Mother’s Day. The biggest surprise was the cake I decorated for her which looked like a 6-year-old had a field day with the sprinkles (for some reason I needed to use ALL the sprinkles available to me; in hindsight this was not my best idea).  

I was too embarrassed to take a picture of my cake, so this is some sorry looking cookie I found online. Shoddy icing writers unite.  

Who cares about presentation anyway? That cake was gooood

Hope your Mother’s Day wasn’t as full of surprises (unless they were yummy, like the cake, and not shitty, like the rain delay)!


Stephanie said…
Hahaha nooo I want to see your cake!
Brigid said…
I know, I kind of wish I had taken a picture of that mess anyway...