More than Ready for Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend is almost upon us. The unofficial start of summer. A great season for countless reasons; mine personally is the fact that it’s acceptable to get ice cream 4-5 times a week (minimum). 

Last Memorial Day weekend brought some big changes around here. Brent and I took the plunge and shacked up. A year later? We’re no longer on speaking terms. I kid, I kid; living w/ a boy isn’t so bad. Living w/ a tall boy is actually quite nice, b/c when I need something in the top cupboard I just have to yell ask nicely “Breeeeeeeeeeent” and wah-la! the necessary spice is now in my hand (which reminds me, I need to move the spices down from the top shelf - or stop adding so much zest to our meals). 

This Memorial Day weekend promises to be one for the books. In no particular order: my whole fam’s coming to visit, three of us are running a half-marathon/5 miler, we’ll descend on Fenway to see a Sox game, take lots of pictures (and car bombs), ingest a shit ton of beer and hot dogs, and basically have ourselves good ol’ fashioned family fun. 

I’m crazy excited but I can’t stop thinking about one little variable: the weather. THE FREAKING WEATHER, which was predicted to be clear and mid-60’s earlier this week, and is now shaping up to be low 50’s and a 50% chance of rain. Double-You-Tee-Eff?! 

Obviously there’s nothing we can do about it. My parents come prepared for anything and are probably packing some ponchos swiped from Niagara Falls' Maid of the Mist circa 1997 right about now. But I really really really don’t want to look like European tourists in every picture. Running 13 miles in the rain? Not my idea of fun. And don’t even get me started on the Sox game. Watching the game at a bar on Lansdowne would be lots of fun, but what about the Fenway Franks? 

I wrote a similar weather rant last year right before Memorial Day, too, and everything ended up working out. Kinda hoping this one has the same effect (I never said my superstitions were rational). I guess I’ll just have to take some comfort in the fact that meteorologists are right about as often as Taylor Swift writes a mature, thought-provoking song.

Finally, for no reason at all, other than that I was laughing at this for about five whole minutes.


Yeewuz said…
three of us are running a half-marathon/5 miler

1. This is a little deceiving. You could also say "four of us are running a half-marathon/5 miler/watching from the sidelines."

meteorologists are right about as often as Taylor Swift writes a mature, thought-provoking song.

2. Whoa, whoa, what did T-Swift do to you?

3. The Hunger Games thing is hilarious.
Sarah said…
I will follow Brent's format...

1. I agree about the weather! I'm not even bringing those olive green capris that you love so much because it's supposed to be so chilly.

2. Love Story is a great Taylor Swift song, but I guess the meteorologists are right sometimes.

3. Rain hides grease mops.

4. McCarthys create their own fun, regardless of the circumstances!

I am so excited!!
Anonymous said…
1.will you still bring the school marm dress that we all love so much?

2. I'd Doppler the weather cat and Wayne M predicted Boston weather, we'd know it was true.

3. We'll have a photo shoot no matter where or what, it's RBI.
Brigid said…
in keeping w/ the style of all previous comments:

1) the rain did wonders for the grease mop...especially after the half

2) if I woke up tomorrow w/ my head sewn to the carpet I couldn't be more surprised than I am now that the meteorologists were pretty accurate w/ the weather for the weekend

3) surprisingly enough, we didn't have many photo shoots this reunion...unless you count the bus stop ordeal