Cloudy With a Chance of Rain. Or Sun. Or Snow.

Maybe I should have gone to school for meteorology. You probably make a decent living, and if you play your cards right, you can become somewhat of a local celebrity. I still get butterflies around Wayne Mahar if I ever see him when I’m in Syracuse.

And the best part? No one expects anything of you. You’re obligated to work, yeah, but people don't hold much stock in what you say. And how can they? Meteorologists are basically just covering their ass with every forecast: "It's going to be a nice weekend, we'll see the sun, maybe some clouds, probably some wind in there, 50-50 chance of rain, with temperatures starting out around 60 and reaching up into the 70's maybe, we really don't know so good luck out there."  

It’s 2012. We have the latest and greatest technology at our fingertips, let alone the complicated-looking shit scientists have for predicting weather patterns and forecasts. Like it helps. Either humans weren’t meant to predict the weather, or the ones we have doing it are not suited for that line of work.

Case in point: holiday weekends are to meteorologists what Black Friday is to Best Buy. You’re scoping out the scene weeks in advance and tracking the patterns down to the hour. You make plans based on what the experts say, like what the "it" toy of the season is so you can stock up and make bank off eBay. The “experts” in this case are some guys who drank their college career away and are now getting paid to throw darts at a board with random images like the sun, rain, or clouds. Very scientific indeed.

I’ve been vigilantly checking the weather all week; if you haven’t heard, I’ve got some pretty big plans this weekend, being the long holiday and all. Moving all my shit into B’s house. Running a half marathon. Nothing major, TG. So I get a little pissy when ALL WEEK meteorologists were predicting a great forecast for this weekend. Friday kicks it off on a good note, sunny, mid 70’s. Saturday was going to be the hottest of the days, temps in the 80’s and high humidity. Not ideal moving conditions, but I can deal; I’ve moved in the middle of July and there’s really nothing you can to do avoid that sweatfest. Sunday, the day I’m most concerned about, was predicted to be the “best” in terms of being sunny and warm w/out the humidity we’ve been dealing with. Awesome.

Until this morning, when I’m doing my daily weather check and I see that Sunday now carries a 50% chance of rain. I do the hourly forecast and see a mild Saturday night, with rain expected to roll in around 7am Sunday morning. Coinciding very nicely with the start of the half. Perfect.

Although, they’re already batting 0-1; the supposedly sunny kick-off to the weekend is gray and downright chilly; I doubt we’ll hit 70 degrees today.

I know it’s out of my hands and I shouldn’t worry about it. But I’m good at worrying. And as a control freak planner, I’m used to having some kind of handle on the situation.

Too bad Mark Zuckerberg didn’t major in meteorology. He gets shit done. Even if he has to stomp a few throats.


Yeewuz said…
My Wayne Mahar is Al Kaprielian. We watched him when we were younger and actually saw him at a supermarket once!
Michele said…
Uh-oh, I packed for this weekend based on those predictions of warm/humid weather! I hope the kids dont freeze!!