High Hopes for Memorial Day Weekend

It’s almost Memorial Day weekend! AKA the big move!! AKA the half-marathon!!! Is it weird that I’m insanely excited for all of these things?

Memorial Day needs no explanation; a three day weekend devoted to BBQ’s, beers and supporting our troops? Done and done. I’ll be supporting the troops on Sunday as I’m running 13.1 miles in Boston's Run to Remember. And the BBQing and beers will take care of themselves, obv.

Moving isn’t as exciting; the physical act of moving is downright miserable. But I’m stoked b/c the end result will be fab. I don’t wanna drop too many cliches here, but...so excited to take our relationship to the next level and wake up every morning next to him and be living with my love and best friend blah blah blah. Did I miss any?

It’s a good thing we have an honest, open relationship. There’s no illusions about the real reasons behind the move; I’m psyched to get a parking spot in a garage and never having to parallel park again, and he’s pretty happy to never have a toppling pile of dishes in the sink wash another dish (must be the domestic goddess in me, I kind of enjoy doing the dishes).

As for the half-marathon, it’s still not “real” yet. I received an automated email from the race coordinators yesterday and I was skimming it thinking, I don’t need to worry about any of this yet. Actually, Brig, ya kind of do.

Ever since Broad Street, I’m ashamed to say that my training has been lackluster. I’ve managed to get my long runs in on the weekends, but have been skimping on the training runs. I only ran once last week, a pathetic half hour on the treadmill. And my long run on Saturday took a hit from it. It wasn’t a bad run, really; but it wasn’t a great run, either.

It’s easy to blame the crappy weather we’ve been having. It’s gray and drizzly all day. Just when I get excited to go for a run with a fun new route, the sky opens up and I hop on an express train to my couch. This week I’m committed to getting a few good runs in. I ran just over 5 miles on Monday. I’m hoping to log 5 more after work today. Ideally, I’ll get a run in on Friday or Saturday, just something quick to keep me in my groove.

Obviously I don’t want to overextend myself right before the half. Short-distance runs, proper nutrition, and no heavy lifting. The last one is clearly the most important. Don’t wanna be trucking mattresses or large boxes all over the place the day before the big race. Thanks in advance for understanding, B.


Yeewuz said…
Nice post lover/bestie/roomie!