Just Call Me MJ

Last night B and I were throwing around some ideas for Halloween costumes. I don’t know where this came from at 10pm on a Wednesday, totally sober (in May, no less). Actually, I think the conversation stemmed from us talking about some of our favorite shows when we were little and how awesome we’d be if we recreated those characters.

I couldn’t remember one of my faves and it was killing me.

Me: What was that show with the rag-tag group who wore plane-hats*?

B (gee, how could he not know after that great description): …..um…what….?

Me: You know the one! Come on, I know you watched it. With the fat mouse who was addicted to cheese? And the cat villain?

B: Ohhhh….…Rescue Rangers!

Me: Yes!! That’s it! And Monterey Jack!!!

B (bursts out laughing): Oh man. Remember how he would get when he smelled cheese?

this is how I look when I smell cheese, too

I decided that I want to be Monterey Jack for Halloween. And not some sexed-up version.

It's genius. I won’t have to pretend to get in shape for my costume, and I’ll be able to carry cheese around with me to all the bars.

*wtf is a plane-hat, Brig?

and is it Monterey Jack or Gadget thats sporting said plane-hat?


Katrine said…
How did it go? Can I please see a photo?
brigidmc12 said…
Not yet, unfortunately...it's my idea for Halloween 2012!
Sarah said…
Ch Ch Ch Chip and Dale, Rescue Rangers! This is perfect for you.
Anonymous said…
2012 been n gone.