The Hot New Thing

When will Americans be making the 4-day work week a permanent fixture? Isn’t this how the Euro’s do it? And they’re all super healthy and low stressed, right? Maybe it’s all the baguettes and vino over there.

Either way, I’m loving that it’s already Wednesday. My cousin is getting married on Friday and B and I are headed to Syracuse Thursday after work, so today is technically my Thursday, holler! We actually have two weddings this summer on Fridays. Is this the hot new wedding trend? Will it still be the hot new thing when B and I get married, b/c I’m on board with avoiding a peak Saturday wedding and saving a bundle. It probably won’t be the hot new thing in ten years when B and I feel adult enough to wed, though. How many times did I just write hot new thing? It probably negated some of the hotness and newness.

The humidity is so gross I’m wearing a dress today even though I have the most random sunburn on part of my leg. We were outside pretty much all of Memorial Day and I remembered the sunscreen everywhere but my legs. Because I was wearing capris that covered most of my legs. Everyone walking behind me today will be able to tell that I was wearing capris that covered most of my legs, too. There’s a red-shaped square on the back of my lower calves that’s really becoming on a fair skin tone like mine. Maybe sunburned patches of skin will become the hot new thing this summer.

I guess a sunburn is the price I paid for a pretty fab Memorial Day. Beth, B and I met up with my friend Vinny and headed out to the Boston Harbor Islands. I really just wanted to get out on the water and knew this was our best bet. I’m still working on making some friends with boats; it’s my new goal for summer, right after learning how to apply sunscreen properly.

We bought our tickets for the noon ferry and enjoyed the ride to the islands. It was windy as shit and after taking the obligatory Boston skyline pic, I headed back to our warm bench on the lower deck to eat Pringles.

We laid out on a blanket eating the snacks we picked up at 7/11 and playing cards, while enviously eyeing the group next to us who had thought to bring a cooler full of beer. They even brought an entire croquet set. They weren’t joking around with their Memorial Day.

George’s Island had an old war fort, so after losing a few too many hands of Uno to B, we decided to walk around the grounds. It was pretty scenic, so we had to stop every so often for a photo shoot.

we're really into jumping photo shoots. must be the hot new thing. 

We took the 4pm boat back to the city (“the mainland”, as Beth liked to say) and headed straight to a bar. None of us had eaten a real lunch, so we had no qualms about eating dinner at a time generally reserved for senior citizens and children under three.

It was a pretty great day. B showed me yet another secret spot he knows to find a well-kept, hardly used bathroom in this city; he really never ceases to amaze me.