Margarita Cupcakes: Need I Say More?

A year ago on this weekend I was in Philly running Broad Street w/ my sister and Michele. This year I’m stocking up on Cinco De Mayo essentials. 

Making guacamole and margarita cupcakes. That’s the sign of a fatty cool kid right therrre.

Limes were four for a dollar at the supermarket; if that’s not divine intervention to ensure a rip roaring Cinco De Mayo, I don’t know what is. 

These jammies also guarantee a pretty swell day. 

I looked on Pinterest for margarita cupcakes and was little discouraged that I wouldn’t be able to pull such an elaborate recipe together. Until I found these. Betty Crocker sure is a life saver. 

I made a few tweaks; instead of using marg mix and tequila, I just bought some Cuervo drink w/ the tequila already in it. I like to make things easy. Then I lowered the confectionary sugar amount in the frosting. I love me something sweet, but 4 cups of sugar seemed a little excessive, even for me. 

Not to toot my own horn, but they were bangin’. A necessary addition to any Cinco De Mayo. Hola, empty calories and trashy television. 


Stephanie said…
WIN. They look gorgeous and delicious.
Brigid said…
Thanks doll! They were inhaled, per usual.
Anonymous said…
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