An Ode to Oswego

When I tell people around here I went to a state school in upstate New York, I don’t elaborate, since not many people know of the SUNY system outside of New York. Then I read this list and realize that they better redneckognize recognize.   

Nabbing the #2 spot: my alma mater.

Some of the best times of my life happened at Oswego. I don’t buy that shit about college being the springboard for your life, prepping the way for your prime years to happen after graduation. When else are you going to have the chance to drink 4+ nights a week w/out your hangovers causing real life complications (better yet, when are you going to be able to drink so heavily sans hangover? In college I don’t think I even knew the real meaning of that word) When else are you going to be able to have a banging brunch buffet every weekend (my biggest complaint about the real world? the severe lack of quality brunch buffets). When else are you going to live in the same room – or at least the same floor – as all your best friends? I’ll let you in on a little secret: never. 

Now I consider it a luxury if I make it out to happy hour. Going out both Friday and Saturday? Ha; not fucking likely. I scour Yelp for brunch buffets in my area that don’t involve staying in a hotel. And my closest college girlfriends? Live 4 hours away. 

Props, Barstool, for giving credit where credit is due. Oswego is underrated and urecognized in its’ quest to provide its thousands of students (both underage and legal) the time of their life. 

And what’s a tribute to your college w/out a photo (or eight) from your college years?


Sarah said…
Don't forget about your personalized pong table that your friend's mom told Mooz was a "craft table". :)

Nice Edward 40hands pic.
Yeewuz said…
I like the fourth picture where you're reaching around your friend so you can keep sipping your drink.
Stephanie said…
Bahahaha I love all of those photos. And I also really really miss my hangover free days. Sigh.

Every time I say or hear recognize in any context, I think redneckognize. It's terrible and needs to go away.
Brigid said…
@Sarah: note that it made a cameo in the picture of Michele and I taking shots (off the table, no less).

@Brent: I'm stealth like that ; )

@Stephanie: you never appreciate the good ol' days until you're knee deep in old FB albums (and realize that half your college years aren't on there b/c FB didn't get the photo app until junior year)