Wishlist Wednesday

Just some things I’ve been lusting over lately…
Kate Spade’s new spring collection makes me want to ditch work, pack up a picnic, and sip on Bud Light Limes mimosas (it's classy like that). The only problem? Grass stains, duh. Oh, and the fact that I can’t afford any of it. 

Every time I see a massage on those daily deal sites I bookmark it, vowing to look into the salon and book myself a visit. Then I check my email a week later and see the deal sold out or expired (#firstworldproblems). But running really takes a toll on your body, so you can bet I’m treating myself soon. Is it weird I want a scalp massage way more than a full body one? 

I don’t know what I’d wear to match these, since I’m terrible at throwing contrasting prints and colors together to make “an outfit.” But I want them anyway. Probably because they remind me of funfetti. Really gives new meaning to the concept of drooling over a pair of shoes.

Like every other gal, I’m trying to drop the winter 10 5 before pulling out the shorts and sundresses. I’m reading up on the wonders of fresh juice and realize that I either need to get on board w/ this trend or stop checking these books out of the library. Everything I see says a VitaMix will change your life. And for $500? That shit better.

No words needed. Well maybe a few: too freaking cute. I need this little guy trumpeting around my neck all day, err’ day. The fact that he’s gold and silver to match whichever I’m wearing for the day makes him even better. Makes me want to hop on a plane to Thailand and spend all day w/ him and his friends.


Michele said…
Love the little elephant! (and I am CONSTANTLY begging for a Vita... So we are on the same page!)
Stephanie said…
(a) if anyone needs an elephant necklace, it's you. (b) I want funfetti shoes!!
Brigid said…
@Michele: Isn't he adorable! Maybe Brent will see this post and take a hint ; ) If you end up getting a Vita, you've got to let me know how it stacks up.

@Steph: I know! Elephant necklaces and funfetti shoes; I have the same style as Michelle Tanner.