The Necessity of a Sunday Funday

After a winter that just wouldn’t quit, it’s been brilliant to have days hitting the high 50’s around these parts. Today actually made it to *gasp* 60 degrees! (allegedly; w/ the wind and the shade, it sure didn’t feel like 60 out there) 

B and I knew we had to seize the opportunity; what better way to enjoy the first sign of spring than by hunkering down in a bar and drinking the day away? We wanted to avoid the North End and Fenway, seeing as the Celtics and the Sox were home, so we hit up a relatively quiet area that no one really frequents, especially on the weekends, and especially not on gorgeous sunny days; Faneuil Hall. 

I knew it was meant to be as soon as we walked in and I saw Hoegarden on tap. I don’t know about your city, but this is the unsung beer of the northeast; I can’t find it anywhere. The bar B and I dubbed “our place” used to stock Hoegarden, but they stopped this winter and I’ve been lost ever since. It’s since become my white whale; did that place ever really have Hoegarden, or did I imagine it? Is it really as good as I’m remembering? Am I compensating for similar tastes?

All my questions were answered when I had my first sip and realized that yes, yes I have been building it up in my head. I chugged my first glass and immediately switched to Blue Moon, which never disappoints. 

Another beer on tap: 

As much as I love to see Sam Summer there next to the lager, it’s a little early in the season, am I right? I know we don’t get much of a spring here in the hub, but that doesn’t mean you need to rush to put Sam Summer out on tap; it’s like the girl in college who was sunbathing in the quad when the snow finally melted. You’re not fooling anybody, we know you're cold as fuck.  

Nothing goes better w/ beer than bar food, and of course we indulged. There weren’t any bones in our chicken bites, but I still found it hilarious to reenact the current KFC campaign and shout “hashtag: I ate the bones!” over and over w/ dramatic effect. 

If our bartender didn’t love the fact that I was switching my drink up w/ every order, he sure loved the fact the I was taking enough pictures to document the signing of the Magna Carta.

But I mean, who wouldn’t take a picture of this beaut? 

I wasn’t going to, since it wasn’t what I originally ordered. I specifically asked for the cookie sundae w/ chocolate ice cream, which our server regretfully informed me they were out of. You’re out of chocolate ice cream? What is this, amateur hour? I would think chocolate ice cream would be a staple of any sports bar. 

I scarfed down begrudgingly ate the vanilla ice cream, as it was my only option and I’m not one to say no to ice cream cause a scene. 

The Celts went from a 14 point lead to a tied game to winning in overtime. The Sox went from a tied game to winning comfortably. I think we all know what this means: Sunday Fundays aren’t only an amazing way to end your weekend, they’re absolutely necessary to build morale.


Stephanie said…
No one should ever be out of chocolate ice cream.
I about died at that girl suntanning in the quad line. TOO TRUE!
Brigid said…
the girl suntanning in the quad in April is besties w/ the girl rocking the minidress and stilettos in the middle of winter; how do they do it?