Lock Down

TGIF. Talk about a stressful week. Monday afternoon, I don’t think anyone in the Boston area thought that just four short days later we’d be here. "Here" is trapped in our homes b/c of the second suspect who’s on the lam. 

Side note: I’ve found that I really like saying “on the lam.” News reporters keep referring to him as “at large” and “on the run” but I think we all can agree “on the lam” is much catchier. Or I’m just weird. Most likely, it’s the latter. 

Seriously though, today has been a shitstorm of emotions. 

6am: the T shut down all their service? Woo hoo, no work today! 

6:30am: what the fuck happened last night?! I have to watch all these news reports to fill in the gaps. 

7am: okay, motherfucker, don’t think we won’t find you. 

7:30am: well, that press conference was useless. Thanks Guv’nah. 

8am: is it really breaking news that the first suspect liked rap music? 

9am: CNN’s got nothing. 

10am-7pm: see 9am 

The last hour or so is the news that broke about the second suspect being cornered on a boat in someone’s back yard (what a boost of confidence to the perimeter the police set up in the area all day). Seriously though, the BPD and FBI have been superheroes this week; let’s put the final nail in this bastard’s coffin. 

Like many other runners, I’ve gone on a few shorter runs this week in tribute to Monday’s tragedy. I planned to do my 9 mile training run this morning, but the lock-down put the kibosh on that. It’s supposed to rain all day tomorrow, which means I most likely won’t get my miles in until Sunday. I want to be annoyed, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s small potatoes. And when they catch this POS tonight my Sunday run will be that much sweeter.


Michele said…
So glad you guys were safe (if housebound). I was watching the news periodically (didnt want the kids to see it/hear it) and was so relieved when they caught the guy. I'm sure you were too!
Brigid said…
Such a relief! It was such a crazy day, but when they caught him at the end of it all, it was an incredible feeling.