No Foolin' did it again. Last year they ran an article saying an anonymous Good Samaritan was donating millions of dollars to the cash-strapped MBTA to fix the failing trains and buses. This year there’s an article about how the MBTA will start running service all night, instead of stopping at 1pm like any other quaint New England town. I’m embarrassed to say I fell for both. You know what they say; fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice…still shame on you,; you don’t toy w/ people’s emotions like that. 

After reading countless FB statues about friends deciding to elope, call off their wedding and announce their shocking new pregnancy, I decided I had to preface this post w/ a disclaimer: everything I’m about to write is true. I’m not big on April Fool’s pranks; if I want to make someone look foolish, I don’t need a date and time. 

Now that you’re like, where the hell is she going w/ this, I’ll come out w/ it: I signed up for the Run to Remember. A half-marathon through Boston’s downtown and scenic river routes. A celebration to all the fallen officers of the city. 13.1 painful miles of “what the fuck was I thinking?!” 

I had to sign up. It’s gotten real bad around here. I get home from work, change into elastic-waist pants and hunker down w/ party-sized bags of M&M’s and Cheetos. And that’s just for an app, until I decide what I want for dinner. Fast food or take-out? It’s a real win-win lose-lose. 

Nothing makes me feel as good as after a run. The actual run; not so much (unless I’m in the fucking zone). I’m hoping to get in the zone a lot more this spring. As much as I like to think “of course I’ll go for a run tonight, right after I polish off all the snacks” nothing gets me motivated like a deadline. Not getting my miles in absolutely terrifies me. And nothing motivates better than fear; just ask anyone who went to Catholic school.