Not Backing Down

I went for a run this morning. Traffic was bumper to bumper, people were strolling the streets, the sun was shining; a pretty normal mid-April morning. About as “normal” as it gets the day after a tragedy in your city. 

I didn’t grow up here, but Boston has been my home for the past 3-4 years. I live and work here with my boyfriend. We go to bars, concerts, games and restaurants here. We explore the streets on nice days and hunker down w/ a Sam Adams on the nasty ones. I ran my first half marathon here and am in the middle of training for my second one. So it’s safe to say the explosions at the Boston Marathon yesterday had us quite shaken. 

But Obama hit the nail on the head when offering words of support in the midst of the tragedy: “Boston is a tough and resilient town; so are it’s people.” 

This isn’t going to define us. Patriot’s Day will still be a day to watch some baseball and cheer for the Red Sox. It will still be exciting to support the runners, both local and international. Now, even more, it will be a chance for the city of Boston to rally together and show the world just how resilient we are. Runners won’t be scared to sign up for Boston next year; they will be even more determined to make the cut. 


Malory said…
I love how the American people rally together so fiercely when tragedy strikes. It's one of the main things I took from watching the footage yesterday. Glad to see you're okay, too!
Stephanie said…
Go you, Brigid. And the people of Boston. Come back kicking ass.
And the Boondock Saints, for the win.
Brigid said…
Thank you ladies! The rallying together is the silver lining to tragedies like this, for sure. We will come back kicking ass!