No Eggscuses

One week late seems as good a time as any to get around to doing an Easter post. I never said I was good at this blogging thing. 

Coloring eggs was obviously on the agenda. Brent was pretty pumped to see the tablets dissolve. 

I opted to spring for the cooler, two whole dollars more, tye-dye egg kit which turned out to be a load of bull. The tye-dye process went over about as well as my Peeps Rice Krispy treats. 

In a nutshell: epic fail. 

Paas really has a monopoly on the egg coloring market. And apparently they can make any claims they like because suckers like me eat it up. 

Regardless, it was still a fun trip down memory lane coloring eggs. Beth and I made our usual obnoxious requests and asked B’s mom to rummage around in their basement and find crayons so we could write hilarious movie quotes. Mine won. 

All the cool kids know this movie, right?

Our Easter baskets were filled w/ enough sugar to appease Buddy the Elf for a month. There were also some parachuting bunnies that got us outside to enjoy the only beautiful day we’ve had in months.

The best part was when Beth's rabbit came lose from the strings and flew across the street. Luckily no pedestrians or cars were hit. That little guy won't be hopping down the bunny trail anytime soon.


Stephanie said…
Hahaha I love your I Like Me egg. Tie dying eggs just seems too complicated.
Anonymous said…
My look of sheer joy in both pics is genuine. Not pictured: runner up in the egg coloring contest quote "make room for daddy"
Brigid said…
@Steph: The little summer camp kid in me so badly wanted to tye-dye eggs. Guess it just wasn't meant to be.

@Beth: hahahha, 3rd place in the egg contest: simon zealot, peter, or of cyrene?