Drunk Food Favorites

Linking up w/ Steph for another Party Don’t Start ‘Til I Walk In Thursday. It’s not a party until I’m noshing on some greasy snacks and sipping on some cheap booze ((unless I’m at someone else’s house who’s actually an adult and provides fancy stuff like hordourves  (no idea how to spell that; don't act like you don't know what I mean) and Blue Moon)). 

I’m no Chef Boyardee or anything, but I know an instant hit when I see it (SpaghettiO’s anyone?) I can’t take credit for any of these snacks, but I can guarantee that you will be the hit of the party if you bring them. 

Crescent rolls and mini wieners go together like Don Draper and infidelity. I didn’t include a link to a recipe here b/c I figured if you don’t know how to whip these up you don’t have many party invites going for you anyway (jk, just look on the side of the crescent roll packaging. And stop being so sensitive). 

You don’t have to wait until Christmas to make these jammers. In fact, I'm going to make some right now. I don't keep my cupboards stocked for shit, so you know if I have these ingredients on hand, it must be easy.

This funfetti dip is like crack. I’m not even lying. Be prepared to eat the entire bowl. So maybe just set some aside for yourself for when you come home hammered looking for something to wreak havoc on. You’ll thank me later (so will your boyfriend who won’t have to drive your ass to Taco Bell). 

If you don’t have the time to make any of these, worry not; just stop off at the liquor store and pick up a box bottle of wine. Guaranteed to make you the hit of the party; or at least get you drunk enough so you don’t feel like such a slouch for showing up sans snacks.


Stephanie said…
Crescent rolls and mini weiners are the best combination ever, I make them every time. I also make taco dip, which is legit a layer of cream cheese, topped with canned chili, topped with shredded cheese and baked. It's addicting. I dunno if it's as addicting as the funfetti dip, which I refuse to make because I KNOW I will eat the ENTIRE thing myself.
Great, now I want to go home and eat a can of frosting...
Gosh Taco Bell is the best drunk food lol But I love the Crescent rolls with mini wieners as well lol Thanks for linking up with Stephanie and I :)