Absolutely Nothing of Value

My Christmas and New Year’s were fab, thanks for asking. Now it’s back to real life. Though I can’t seem to clear the cobwebs and do anything productive; that’s what loads of eggnog and white trash will do to you (the Christmas treat, not the redneck Caucasians).

Like everyone else in the world, I vowed to stop eating trash come January 1st. Too bad immediately after the champagne toast at midnight I was stuffing my face w/ Fritos scoops loaded w/ hours-old buffalo mac n' cheese. Tostitos scoops, you’re so two-thousand and late. Fritos scoops, you’re dangerous.

It’s like 1 degree in Boston today. Maybe it’s a little higher than that. But the windchill factored in makes it feel like negative 5 out there. Inso facto, it’s 1 degree out. At least the sun is shining. It might warm up to a balmy 3 degrees by the time I step out for lunch.

I should probably stop rambling and focus up on some work. Or a post w/ substance. Or taking my 2012 calendar down. I thought about doing all of these things. Then I thought this.

Instead, I’ll probably do a lap until I can find something breakfast-ish hidden among all the leftover Christmas candy. Chocolate covered peanut brittle is the new breakfast of champions. Peanuts are still nutritious even if they’re covered in chocolate and carmel, right?