Shower Hijack

Just after 10pm midnight last night I finally drifted off to sleep, after being kept awake by the pawing and scratching of Binx at our door. I hate to be an excluder, but after having him romp around our faces all hours of the night, we started closing the bedroom door before we turn in. Making sure it clicks shut, so he can’t get his little paws under there and wedge it open. 

His latest trick is pawing at the bathroom door and jimmying it wide open. Which is always a nice surprise. This morning I was toweling off in the shower when I saw some shower curtain movement. I looked down to see Lil' B nosing his way into the shower. What is it w/ this guy and showers?

Aren’t cats naturally clean creatures, which is why it's advised never to bathe them yourself? If he’s going to start using the shower, he better be ready to help clean it. Actually, this could work to my advantage; now B can’t blame me for the clogged drain. I bet fur wreaks havoc on shower pipes. 

I don’t appreciate getting barged in on in the shower (just ask B); I startle very easily and anything that takes me by surprise like that does not end well. Not to mention the fact that it’s the middle of winter and I look forward to opening the shower curtain after a hot shower about as much as I look forward to a new Katy Perry album (I have nothing against Katy Perry; I like a lot of her music. But every time she releases a new album, all of the songs are singles and I can’t throw a dead cat w/out hearing some computerized trash. That I inevitably end up downloading and learning all the words to, which I’m sick of three days later. It’s a vicious cycle).

Speaking of dead cats, that’s where Binx is headed if he doesn’t knock it off w/ the 5am pow-meows. I’m kidding, I’m kidding, I would never hurt the little guy. But I did get a little satisfaction when I tricked him into thinking it was breakfast time and then locked him out of the bathroom. My maternal instincts are clearly in high gear w/ him around.