I'm Okay With It

Someone was blasting Miley's Cyrus' "The Climb" on the train this morning. I don't know what's worse; that I was singing along in my head, or that the person listening to it was a dude. Middle aged to boot. I tried to make eye contact w/ someone to share the laugh, but everyone else was too busy ignoring everyone else. Damn northeasterners. 

After such a snub, I was too deflated to think up any original content. So I decided to link up w/ Amber and Neely for an original favorite. 

Hey, it's okay...

...that I’m SO FREAKING HOT I took off my cardi and am rocking a sleeveless dress. In the middle of winter. In an office where it's usually so cold I wear gloves. I don’t hate it, but my colleagues might; big pale arms probably aren’t what they wanted to see today. Maybe I should start lifting at the gym.

...that I’ve been holding it in when I have to pee so I wash my hands less. I know, I know, I’m breaking the cardinal rule of flu season. But my poor hands are cracking worse than George Michael Bluth's voice. I could cut back on my water intake, but staying hydrated is key in the dry skin battle, right? Sure, I’m uncomfortable and have to sit w/ my legs crossed unnaturally tight; pain is smooth hands.

...that I bought yellow latex gloves for washing dishes and had a ten minute conversation w/ the drug store clerk about the merits of latex vs. vinyl. See above.

...that I spent two seconds looking at Dr. Oz approved superbowl snacks before deciding that I would never show up at a party w/ hummus. I mean, I love hummus, but a superbowl party isn’t the time or place. Bring on the heavy dips and greasy chips. 

...that I wore my light raincoat b/c it was 56 degrees when I left the house this morning and someone at work just told me it’s supposed to drop into the 20’s. That should be fun later.

...that the feet of my tights are covered in dry white specks I’ve been picking off all morning b/c I don’t think I’ve washed these jammies since last winter (my name is Brigid and I am the complete opposite of a germaphobe)

...that I seriously contemplated sitting Indian style in my chair, even though I’m in a dress. It’s just so comfortable. But I didn’t b/c I’m a lady.


Sarah said…
Is it ok

...that I am so obsessed with putting lotion on my hands after washing them that I have a huge container of it on my desk at work, and I get a little upset if I am interrupted on my the way back from the bathroom to my desk?

...that I try to figure out the last time I went to the gym while I stop at Rite Aid for peanut M&Ms?

...that were it not for Brendan, everything in my house would probably be dirty?

And I hear you on the coat. I wore my raincoat to work today, which is just the outer shell of my winter coat. I had to wear a fleece I had at work on the way home because otherwise I would have been too joojed. Fortunately, it is always freezing in my office building so I have a fleece jacket, a fleece vest, a hooded sweater, a regular sweater, and a hooded sweatshirt all at my desk. I also have a blanket, a hat, and 2 pairs of fingerless gloves (so I can still type).
Brigid said…
I know exactly what you're talking about w/ the lotion after the bathroom thing! If I can't get back to my desk to lotion up immediately, I'm resentful.

Peanut M&M's have protein, so you're still doing your body a favor. I wouldn't worry about it too much.
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