Lack of Sleep and Pictures

I could not get out of bed this morning. I don’t know why, either, since I went to bed right after Happy Endings last night. 

But Brig, you’re thinking (you’re not). Happy Endings is on Tuesdays, not Wednesdays. How astute of you. Happy Endings IS on Tuesdays. But did you know they have new episodes on Sundays now? Yeah, me either. Until I wandered onto their twitter account yesterday and found out about an episode I missed that aired January 6th. I went to the On-Demand section and couldn't believe my eyes; it was like finding a Reese’s in a bag of discarded Halloween candy full of Necco Wafers and Dots.

If you’re not watching Happy Endings you’re missing out on the funniest show on TV right now (until Girls comes back Sunday). Modern Family and Parks and Rec will always hold a dear spot in my heart. But the outrageous abreves and ah-MAH-zing writing makes Happy Endings my favorite. And two episodes a week? 2013 is finally playing nice.

Nashville was back last night, and I couldn’t even garner enough interest to watch. I love the big hair and even bigger back-stabbing. But I was exhausted. Having a new baby will do that to you. And by baby I mean pet. They’re basically the same thing, right? Both require constant attention. Both are pretty much done w/ you after you feed them. And both prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep. Which is why I skipped the shower this morning in favor of more sleep and why my hair now looks flat on the left side of my head but is sticking up wildly on the right. Nothing says two day-old hair like bedhead.

In his defense, Binx is adjusting rather well. He’s already got the “poor me” look down pat and knows that I can’t resist dishing out a belly rub or a treat. And I’ve already got way more pictures on my phone than is healthy. So I know we’re going to get along just fine. As long as he stops trying to plant himself in the middle of my pillow at 3 in the morning.

Here's the part where I was going to post some of those million phone pics of ol' Binxy. But Blogger decided to be difficult. Or maybe the lack of sleep makes this process more difficult than it should be. Sorry, kids. Pictures to come. One of these days.


Yeewuz said…
That show (and that cat) is cray.
Brigid said…
Fortunately not as crazy as Tyler, Alex's late, racist parrot. RIP (or not. biggot).